Interfaith Latin Interactions

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If you have children, make a promise to one another you will raise these people in the faith of the choosing (the Catholic significant other must be willing to do so). Honoring each other’s prices and practices is crucial. Particularly if dealing with extended family members. Take into account that they may not accept your interfaith relationship at first, but with time they will learn to respect this.

Practice love, inclusivity and compassion for each other – even in the face of turmoil. Make extraordinary plans, accommodement and strive for quality to any conditions that arise. Exhibiting that practically nothing is far more important than your love for each other will allow you to overcome any hurdles that may come your way.

This post introduces a Religions issue on Latin American religiosity, exploring sociological perspectives to the religious situation in Latin America coming from both a Catholic and an Evangelical/Pentecostal perspective. Latin America gives a challenge to both Secularization Theory as well as the Religious Financial system model. When both types assume a linear relative between secularization and religion, in Latin America there may be both modern quality and religiosity. Furthermore, there is both secularization and religious pluralism, and it is possible to move from one faith to another.

The main difficult task for the Sociology of Religion is usually to expand the tools so that it can better record the plurality of beliefs in Latin America. It is important to avoid essentialist categorization, nonetheless it is evenly important to understand the complexity of the other ways in which persons find transcendence and connect with their particular spirituality.

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